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The crypt’O’data database created by Crypto Garda will function as an online database for cryptonetic security, providing information on cryptocurrency schemes and people to blockchain, DEX, stock traders, cloud miners, and the general public.

Additionally, Crypto Garda will check the integrity of websites, applications, and stock traders and add them to the expanding Database if they are shown to be fraudulent. A thorough database will be made available for download or website integration via API.


What is crypto mining then?

The process of creating crypto coins is known as crypto mining or cloud mining. The execution of financial transfers, the approval of financial operations (digital), and the creation of new crypto coins are all guaranteed by this opaque system. Blockchain technology is used in the cryptocurrency mining process (also known as “cloud mining”), and the results are safely stored in a wallet that is only yours.

Briefly stated, it is Digitized Money, however all cryptocurrency is housed in “neverland/crypto world” and is completely Decentralized, as opposed to governments and huge businesses having control over it.

To own cryptocurrency coins, you do not need to go through any KYC. Everything can be done on your phone and anonymously. You only need access to mobile data; you don’t need money.

Also Available On IOS And Android

Sync your data between your desktop and mobile app and keep track of your crypto assets no matter where you are.

Also Available On IOS And Android

Sync your data between your desktop and mobile app and keep track of your crypto assets no matter where you are.


What Exactly Is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Crypto faucets, also known as Bitcoin faucets, allow almost anybody to earn modest amounts of free Bitcoin with little to no work on their phones and computers. In core a faucet is a program or website that rewards users with small amounts of bitcoin for performing basic actions such as passing a captcha, playing a game, solving a puzzle, clicking adverts, or viewing movies.

They won’t make you the next crypto billionaire, but if you’re just getting started and want to add some tokens to an empty digital wallet, a Bitcoin faucet may be a awesome way to get started — even if you don’t have any money to spend on even the tiniest of investments but you have Mobile Data – then making use of a Crypto Faucet is the way to go!


The Numbers which matters!

Collect your favorite Crypto assets like BTC, BNB, ETH, USDC, and USDT. All on the Go and in the convenience of your home. Check out our Faucet for daily rewards.

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