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Crypto Garda Discount


Navigate Crypto like a PRO! 

Become a  successful “Pocket Miner” today – collect FREE Crypto Coins on the Go! Create a better financial future by mining with your Mobile Phone.

Let us guide you into Crypto success and financial independence – Start collecting Crypto Currency with NO initial startup funding at all.

All you will need is a mobile phone – access to Data, time and lots of determination. 


How do I Start?

DON'T WORRY - we have a list of trusted FREE Faucets & Cloud Miners you can join and START earning Crypto Coins immediately.

All you need is time and Mobile Data.

You will need a Virtual Wallet for storing your crypto. Relax, you are in full control - All the time!

Please signup for your own FaucetPay wallet Faucetpay wallet

Claim Free Crypto-GARDA

Just keep your Wallet Key Phrase safe and you good to GO!

You will have many ways to "Mine" coins: Earn BTC every 3 minutes!

When you aquired the needed amount of Crypto coins you can either spend it on Investing on the stock markets - play online casino or cashout to your local bank account.

Get your Crypto Wallet now!

Before you can start – first go signup for your own FaucetPay wallet Faucetpay wallet which will help you accumulate all your crypto coins.

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